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Carboxtrem Attachments is your essential ally in the world of cycling, specializing in innovative products such as Handlebar Attachments, Pads, Race Day Grips and the revolutionary 3D Prodigy Saddle. Our dedication to quality and performance is reflected in every design, offering riders of all levels a tangible improvement in comfort and efficiency.

Discover the difference that Carboxtrem Couplings can make in your cycling experience by visiting our online store and elevate your performance and comfort to the next level with our cutting-edge products.

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  • Unprecedented Innovation

    Our collection is the result of years of research and development, seeking to break the limits of convention. Carbon 3D technology allows us to create shapes and structures that were previously impossible, with a precision and durability that surpasses anything known. The lightness, resistance and flexibility of our products are incomparable, offering a unique experience in both aesthetics and functionality.

  • Designs that Challenge the Imagination

    Each product in our collection is a work of art in itself, designed not only to fulfill its function but to inspire and amaze. 3D meshes allow for unparalleled design freedom, bringing to life organic shapes and complex patterns that capture the beauty of the natural world and advanced engineering. From furniture to fashion accessories and décor items, our collection is a testament to how technology can elevate design to new heights.

  • Guaranteed Exclusivity

    What makes our collection truly unique in the world is not only the advanced Carbon 3D technology or the innovative 3D meshes; It is the vision, passion and commitment to excellence that permeates each piece. Each product is the result of a meticulous design and manufacturing process, ensuring that what you purchase is not only exclusive, but also incomparable in quality and design.

  • Quality and Innovation

    At Carboxtrem Couplings, we stand out for advanced products such as the Handlebar Couplings and the 3D Prodigy Saddle, designed to exceed expectations with the best technology and design, guaranteeing unmatched quality in the cycling market.

  • Performance and Comfort :

    Our products, including Race Day Grips and Pads, are focused on enhancing your performance and comfort when pedaling, ensuring a superior experience on the road or in competition, with a tangible improvement on each ride.

  • Commitment

    Our commitment to the customer is reflected in exceptional service, personalized advice and purchasing facilities, promising a satisfactory purchasing experience with each product in our catalog.

  • Juan Luis Santiago Gordillo

    The person who called me was very nice, explained everything perfectly and the material was of high quality.


  • Fonsovilela

    I had been looking for some couplings for the handlebars of my bike for a while, and since it is integral, I couldn't find any model that fit the size. I discovered Carboxtrem searching on the Internet and contacted them; Alfonso advised me perfectly and got to work on my request. In a few days I had the couplings at home, a fine, quality job that I recommend. Very professional.


  • Column

    Very fast. We speak directly by phone about doubts. Package arrived protected and the coupling fits well to the handlebar.


Frequently asked questions

How can Carboxtrem Handlebar Attachments improve my cycling experience?

Our Handlebar Attachments are designed to offer better control and comfort during your routes, which translates into a more pleasant and efficient cycling experience. Thanks to innovation in design and materials, they help you maintain optimal posture, reducing fatigue and improving performance.

What makes Carboxtrem Coupling Pads unique compared to other brands?

Carboxtrem Coupling Pads stand out for their high quality material and ergonomic design, providing exceptional support and superior shock absorption. This means greater comfort and fewer distractions, allowing you to focus on enjoying your ride or improving your race time.

How are Carboxtrem Couplings Race Day Grips different from standard grips?

Our Race Day Grips are specially designed for race days, offering superior grip and a tactile feel that improves the connection between the rider and their bike. These grips ensure maximum control in racing conditions, where every second counts.

How can the Carboxtrem Couplings 3D Prodigy Saddle change the way I ride?

The 3D Prodigy Saddle introduces a new dimension in comfort and ergonomics thanks to its innovative design adapted to your anatomy. This saddle improves weight distribution and reduces pressure in critical points, allowing you to achieve optimal performance without sacrificing comfort.

Why choose Carboxtrem Couplings to improve my cycling equipment?

Choosing Carboxtrem Couplings means choosing a brand committed to quality, innovation and cyclist satisfaction. From our Handlebar Attachments to the 3D Prodigy Saddle, each product is designed with maximum performance and rider comfort in mind, guaranteeing a tangible improvement in your cycling experience.

We firmly believe in the power of 3D printing to revolutionize the way we design and manufacture products. Our specialty in the use of carbon fiber and ultra-flexible materials allows us to offer innovative and durable solutions that adapt to a wide range of needs.