We offer a wide variety of services using the latest trends in 3D printing, digitizing software and more!

  • With our experience with carbon fiber, we are capable of repairing any damaged part, achieving a stronger and lighter repair.

  • 3D printing can quickly perform presentation models or packaging simulations.

    Accuracy and precision is possible in every print layer.

  • Without the limitations of traditional manufacturing processes, together with state-of-the-art software, we are able to manufacture the most optimal solution for your problem.

  • We can add your favorite designs with laser accuracy.

    We have different techniques depending on the required finish

  • It is possible to design inserts for injection molds, thus being able to drastically reduce cycle times

  • It is possible to print your designs with our machines, and if you do not have the designs or prototypes we will provide them to you.

We answer you here

Do you have any doubt?

What type of parts can I repair with Carboxtrem services?

At Carboxtrem , we offer a wide range of services for the repair of parts, from automotive components to specific industrial parts. We adapt to your needs to ensure that your parts work like new again.

How does the new parts design service work?

Our new part design service focuses on understanding your requirements and using cutting-edge technology to create tailored solutions. We work hand in hand with you to develop parts that not only meet your expectations but also optimize performance and efficiency.

What is part optimization and how can it benefit my project?

Part optimization involves evaluating and modifying existing designs to improve their functionality, efficiency or reduce production costs. This service is ideal for projects that seek continuous improvement and want to maximize the performance of their components.

What cutting, marking and recording capabilities do you offer?

We have advanced technology to perform cutting, marking and engraving on a wide variety of materials. Our services are ideal for customizing parts, creating detailed prototypes or producing components with millimeter precision, ensuring high-quality finishes.

What advantages does mold production and 3D printing at Carboxtrem offer?

The production of molds and 3D printing at Carboxtrem offers fast and cost-effective solutions for the manufacture of parts in small or large series. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, we can produce molds with high precision and offer 3D printing services that fit the specifications of your project, guaranteeing results of excellent quality and functionality.