Race day Grips

Discover the 3D Printed Race Day Grips

On race day, every detail counts, and handlebar grip is crucial to any rider's performance. The 3D printed Race Day Grips emerge as an innovative solution, offering unparalleled grip that translates into better control and safety with each pedal stroke.

Unique Features of 3D Printed Race Day Grips

These grips stand out for their custom design, adapting to the specific shape of the hand and pressure points of each cyclist.

This not only improves grip, but also reduces muscle fatigue, allowing cyclists to maintain greater focus and performance for longer.

Material and Technology in the Manufacturing of Race Day Grips

Using advanced 3D printing techniques, Race Day Grips are manufactured with highly resistant and flexible materials, such as TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane ), which offers an optimal combination of comfort and durability.

These materials ensure that the grips are not only wear-resistant, but also absorb vibrations, protecting hands on difficult terrain.

Personalization and Adaptation to the Cyclist's Needs

The customization process goes beyond the physical fit; allows riders to choose features such as texture, hardness and grip pattern, adapting them to their personal preferences and specific race conditions.

This customization ensures that each rider can reach their full potential, with a product that feels like a natural extension of their body.

Installation and Care of the Race Day Grips

Installing Race Day Grips is a simple and straightforward process, designed so riders can do it themselves without specialized tools.

Caring for these grips is equally simple, requiring only regular cleaning with mild soap and water to maintain optimal performance and appearance.

Carboxtrem takes your cycling experience to the next level with our Race 3D printed Day Grips . Designed to give you superior grip and exceptional comfort, our custom grips allow you to maintain complete control, no matter the intensity of the run.

Explore our range of products today and discover how we can help you cross the finish line with confidence and style.

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