Designed for Demanding Cyclists

CarboXtrem 3D Nexus Saddles are the pinnacle of innovation in cycling. Made with advanced 3D printing technology, they offer unmatched comfort and superior performance for cyclists of all levels.

Cutting-edge 3D Printing Technology

The manufacturing process uses Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) technology, ensuring exceptional precision and quality. The Voronoi mesh structure not only provides a modern aesthetic, but also optimizes weight distribution and maximizes durability.

High Quality Materials

Manufactured with the exclusive EPU 41 resin and laminated carbon fiber sole, the 3D Nexus Saddles are extremely resistant and flexible, and lightweight, capable of withstanding the most demanding conditions without compromising comfort.

Comfort and Performance

The ergonomic design and vibration absorption capacity reduce fatigue, allowing long days of pedaling with maximum comfort. Ideal for modalities such as XC, XM and Enduro.

Main Features

  • DLS technology by Carbon 3D : Unmatched precision and consistency.
  • EPU 41 Resin : Exceptional flexibility and durability.
  • Voronoi mesh design : Optimal lightness and resistance.
  • Superior comfort : Fatigue reduction and vibration absorption.
  • Compac format 240mm x 140mm, and with only 146 gr.

Perfect for MTB

Specially designed for mountain bike cyclists looking for the best in equipment, the 3D Nexus Saddles are the perfect choice for those who demand quality and performance in every pedal stroke.