CarboXtrem Couplings

Aerodynamics and Performance for Competition

Compatibility and Adaptability

CarboXtrem Aero Couplings are designed to fit all makes and models of bicycles, offering quick and easy installation. Perfect for cyclists looking to improve their aerodynamic performance.

High Quality Materials

Made of high-strength carbon, the couplings guarantee durability and minimal weight, optimizing performance without adding unnecessary weight to the bicycle.

Ergonomic design

The ergonomic design allows for a comfortable and efficient position, reducing wind resistance and improving the rider's posture during competition.

Main Features

  • Universal Compatibility : Fits all makes and models.
  • High resistance carbon : Durability and lightness.
  • Aerodynamic design : Reduced wind resistance.
  • Features: 340mm long laminated carbon coupling. Handlebar adapter made of Nylon with Carbon, adjustable in inclination from 0 to 35º and in height on the handlebar. Extender accessories according to the length of the arm, and grip sleeves of 35º or 50º

  • Simple installation : Easy to assemble and adjust.

Improve your Competitiveness

Ideal for triathlon and time trials, CarboXtrem Aero Couplings give you the aerodynamic advantage necessary to achieve your goals.