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Revolutionize Your Driving with the 3D Prodigy Saddle

The saddle is more than just a component of your bike; It is the support point that determines your comfort and efficiency with each pedal stroke.

With the launch of the 3D-printed 3D Prodigy Saddle, the revolution in saddle design has arrived , promising a riding experience unmatched by the biology and preferences of each rider.

Advantages of the 3D Printed 3D Prodigy Saddle

This saddle is not just a seat, it is a masterpiece of customization, designed from a detailed analysis of the rider's anatomy. Offering a perfect fit that reduces pressure in critical points, improves weight distribution and increases blood flow. Likewise, its design offers the sensation of riding in a saddle with a backrest, offering complete support and being able to increase the watts applied by the cyclist.

The result is a significant decrease in drowsiness and discomfort over long distances, allowing cyclists to focus on their performance without distractions.

Technology and Materials in the Manufacturing of the 3D Prodigy Saddle

3D printing opens up a world of possibilities in terms of design and materials. Using advanced compounds, the 3D Prodigy Saddle achieves an optimal balance between flexibility and support and weighs less than 150g, adapting to the rider's movements while providing a firm base for power transfer. Strategic ventilation and temperature-regulating materials ensure comfort in any weather condition.

Customization of the 3D Prodigy Saddle for Cyclists

Personalization goes beyond physical fit. It also allows riders to choose from a range of finishes and colors, making their saddle a personal style statement.

Whether you prefer a sober and professional look or something more vibrant and expressive, your 3D Prodigy Saddle can be as unique as your bike and your cycling style.

Saddle Installation and Maintenance

Installation of the 3D Prodigy Saddle is simple, designed to be compatible with most road and mountain bikes. With clear instructions and minimal tools, you can upgrade your bike in minutes.

Maintenance is equally easy, with simple recommendations to clean and preserve the integrity of the saddle, ensuring it remains in optimal condition mile after mile.

Discover unprecedented comfort and performance with the Carboxtrem 3D Prodigy Saddle, your ultimate companion in the pursuit of cycling perfection.

Our saddles, 3D printed and personal to you, will not only transform the way you ride, but will also allow you to get the most out of every pedal stroke.

It's time for you to experience the revolution in comfort and performance that only Carboxtrem can offer you.

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